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Old February 4th, 2019, 06:30 PM
abunaitoo abunaitoo is offline
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Default minimum wage????

So the stupid government wants to raise the minimum wage.
It will get the lots of votes from the stupid people.

But who is going to pay for it????
Business is not going to take the hit.

Most are just getting by a it is.
They will just cut hours, fire workers, and raise prices.

So now you have more people out of work, or working less hours, and things will cost more.
If things cost more, people will spend less.

When people spend less, business make less.

Many will just close, putting more people out of a job.
What about those who have worked hard for many years, so they could get more get paid more than minimum wage????
Won't they expect a raise too.
They worked for it, so they deserve it.
government wants everyone to get paid a living wage.
Hotel workers went on strike to get a living raise.
They got it.
Their pay is $28 an hour, for the lower workers.
How is the government $15 a living wage, when hotel workers living wage is $28??????
Minimum wage is suppose to be the base, starting pay.

Not something to live on.

If you are to stupid, or to lazy, to improve yourself, who's fault is that????

They should lower the minimum wage. Eliminate the tax on food and health care.
Make it a requirements you have to work to get welfare.

Take away "lifetime" welfare.
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