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Old March 26th, 2016, 02:53 PM
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Wink The License Plate Game

When my son was in elementary school and high school, I would pick him up and drive him home. A boring daily drive from Pearl Harbor to Kahalu`u.

I invented a game to keep him engaged, strengthen his vocabulary and have fun on the long drive.

Most Hawai`i license plates have 3 letters and 3 numbers. The letters range from AAA to (currently) S**, commercial vehicles letters start with T, and are reversed with the numbers. ### T**

The game is: we alternate selecting a license plate, saying the letters, and it is up to the other person to construct a cogent phrase, example:

Him: Jack Tumbled Jill

Then it is the selector's turn to try and come up with something better.
Me: Just try juice.

He won that round.

We learned early on to ignore plates with Z or X, because of limited word choices.

We have seen older plates going back to F**, H** plates from the Big Island, L** plates from Lanai, M** plates from Maui, which are more rare on Oahu, and more fun. He's all grown up now (22 yo) and we still play it.

I still remember my plate from 1981: BCX 068, I think they still had the Kamehameha head back then.

Lately I have seen Hawai`i plates starting with Z, I have no idea from where or why.

Beginning letters I know of, from O`ahu unless stated otherwise:

B** (1981)
BUS (da bus)
BWS (board of water supply)
G** (from about 1999-2000)
H** (Big Island)
HPD (Police)
I - Not used
K** (Kauai)
L** (Lanai)
M** (Maui)
O - Not used
Q - Not used
T** (commercial vehicles)
U** (not seen yet)
V** (not seen yet)
W** (not seen yet)
X** (not seen yet)
Y** (not seen yet)
Z** (???)

I have no idea why U through Y haven't been used and they skipped to Z; any ideas?

Corrections to my assumptions are welcome.
If you need something to pass the time while driving (or stuck in traffic), enjoy!

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