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Originally Posted by joshuatree View Post
So now that a vote has been taken, instead of getting together and moving forward, you rather sabotage? And you wonder why public money is constantly wasted. Oh well.....
I don't know why rail supporters feel so threatened. You folks are winning.
  • The Governor handed you the tax increase on the silver platter in 2005
  • Mayor Hannemann is trumpeting nothing but rail
  • He wants only rail, no busses even though the Council left the technology open ended
  • The tax increase takes effect in only 8 days (Jan 1, 2007)
  • The "preferred alternative" has been chosen
  • The construction firms, unions and developers are salivating at the propsal - lots of $$$ for them to make
  • You get the illusion of ending traffic gridlock
  • With Democrats in control of Congress, rail supporters will have an easier time securing the federal funds (more taxes)
  • With Democrats in control as usual at the Legislature, rail supporters will ask for and probably get more tax increases

Rail supporters have a lot to celebrate on January 1 as the sucking sound of more money out of our wallets begin. You won.

Happy New Year.

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