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Default Re: Left v. Right on HT

Originally Posted by Konaguy View Post
Who made you the judge/jury and executioner to make a blanket opinion about me in that way? You can't solely conjure up an opinion just by looking at a cover of a book. The same goes for people. You don't know who I am or what I stand for aside from what I've written.

You have no clue about how passionate I am about the future of Hawaii, nor how many hours I spend working on my blog making sure its updated, along with holding government accountable.
This is just so funny. Nonsensical, and funny. Keep up the 'good works'.

We are each our own judge/jury and executioner of our own opinions - if you don't agree with that, I feel very sorry for you.

Passion is no measure of effectiveness, you just may be passionately wrong-minded (looking one way, but proceeding in the opposite direction).
May I always be found beneath your contempt.

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