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Default Re: Left v. Right on HT

Originally Posted by tutusue View Post
While I don't mind the private fire dept. not responding to a fire at the home of a delinquent account,
I don't agree Tutu. I don't know which thread to post this response.

The home owner didn't pay because he lost his job! He was using his unemployment benefits to buy groceries for his family and make house payments, just to exist. Because of that, we are saying he deserved to have his house burn down? Because he is destitute? Because he is down on his luck? There but for the grace of god go I and all the rest of us too!

Uaifi and matapule went round and round about this for an hour. We finally arrived at a mutually agreeable solution that would not please any of the parties involved.

Blessed Be, all of us.
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