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Default Re: Food shortages on the way?

"I have seen this in Homai, calrose, some jasmine-type rice. But not all the time. Maybe once a year I might find a bad batch. When you wash the rice they all float away anyway. Or blend in some brown rice and have a pilaf!

Refrigerating the rice works, but who has space for 40 lbs. of rice in the frig?

About 2 days ago, I saw a guy at Costco with about 300 lbs. of rice on his cart and I thought, "Gee I hope this guy can eat all that in 2 months or he might have a colony of bugs in his closet soon!"

Your last, first. The guy with hundreds of pounds indeed probably runs an eatery. That's part of the problem that started in the news in Mt. View, was the people that buy bulk as in wholesale that started panic buying and can't blame them.

It is NOT just panic buying by people thinking there was or is a shortage! It is panic buying by people that need to make a profit and the panic is understandable when the news reports how much certain breeds of rice have increased. When do they raise their prices? etc....

Ahh....occasional bugs in your rice, I can believe that, and since we only eat rice 2 and 3 days a week, approx....we haven't found them IN our rice uh wait, when we did we thought it was our own storage problem and didn't know it may well have been from the factory.

Next Christmas when you see the metal, decorated tins of Popcorn for sale, buy them! The containers are worth the seven or eight bucks even if you hate popcorn. Keep the lid properly on and no bugs can get into your foods. We keep various flours, bread crumbs and corn meal in ours, as well as brown rice.

PS to Surfingfarmboy, excellent post so full of wisdom that I needed sunglasses to read.
Sadly because of human nature, what you speak of won't happen unless or until there are true food shortages in our country and then people of course will eat what can be gotten at local farmers markets and from backyards. I saw only a trickle of bees this year and yet we have two trees full of baby avocadoes, yet half the normal lychee, so we can and will all pull together and barter what food we have. We'll probably become healthier for it.
Stop being lost in thought where our problems thrive.~

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