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Default Re: Food shortages on the way?

Originally Posted by DNR55 View Post
Refrigerating the rice works, but who has space for 40 lbs. of rice in the frig?
When you start refrigerating uncooked rice, let alone FREEZING cooked rice, that's when you know you've got problems.

About 2 days ago, I saw a guy at Costco with about 300 lbs. of rice on his cart and I thought, "Gee I hope this guy can eat all that in 2 months or he might have a colony of bugs in his closet soon!"
Um, isn't that what the likes of Costco and Sam's Club was originally targeted for? Bulk shoppers? As in BUSINESS owners? Not mom and pop, sistah and braddah just looking for a (supply of a) deal on two scoops of rice to go with their stew and mac salad.

There needs to be some re-adjusting and re-definition in thinking in what warehouse discount membership buying was meant for, beyond $1.50 hot dogs and a buck or two (or more) savings on 5000 lbs. of rice and a 3-lb. bag of poi for uncle and aunty on a budget.

Think about how often folks (as in single or less than 3 people per household, not in business) who buy things in bulk at the likes of Costco or Sam's in this fashion WASTE what they can't consume before it spoils, and add that up. Think about THAT. I see it happen all the time.

Wasting food is as much a tragedy as not having enough.
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