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Default Re: Food shortages on the way?

Originally Posted by Karen View Post
Wow, DNR, I have not yet found bugs in our brown rice, and hope I don't. Is it just one brand, you don't have to name it but is it just one brand you've had this happen with?
I have seen this in Homai, calrose, some jasmine-type rice. But not all the time. Maybe once a year I might find a bad batch. When you wash the rice they all float away anyway. Or blend in some brown rice and have a pilaf!

Refrigerating the rice works, but who has space for 40 lbs. of rice in the frig?

About 2 days ago, I saw a guy at Costco with about 300 lbs. of rice on his cart and I thought, "Gee I hope this guy can eat all that in 2 months or he might have a colony of bugs in his closet soon!"
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