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Default Re: Mr. Checkers (Jim Demarest) passes away

Originally Posted by craigwatanabe View Post
Man I feel old. Lippy Espinda, Lucky Luck, Captain Honolulu, Checkers (two times over) all gone.

So who are the local idols for today's local kids now anyway?
Locally produced kiddie shows with a live studio audience has largely died out, not just here but on the mainland as well. Back in C&P's heyday, you didn't have all these cable channels like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, ABC Family, etc.

I believe the last Hawaii kiddie show w/ a studio audience was channel 13's "Dinglestar & Calisto," which featured a couple of actresses dressed up as aliens. This was sometime in the early 1980s and it was shown on Saturday mornings. But unlike C&P, it was just once a week and there were only a handful of kids there. That show didn't last very long. I believe this was before channel 13's call-letters was changed from KIKU to KHNL.
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