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Originally Posted by pzarquon
...plays music when hot and comes apart into special shapes that you can snap together to build a robot, you know? Just give me a pizza and a small tub of garlic butter, and I'm happy.
Actually, I'd like to see that!

I like Papa Johns for delivery, Pizza Hut for dine in, nothing like that hot Pan pizza with all the meat on it.

There was a nice place my friend introduced me to, it was by Che Michelle or something at the edge of waikiki. The guy was from Italy and didnt drown the pizza in red sauce and had toppings like provolone, artichoke hearts, prociutto (sp). Too bad he closed it down, it was tasty!
Magoos, I usually get a ham and cheese sub. Theyre burgers are pretty tasty too. Do they still have the sushi bar, or did that go away?
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