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Lightbulb Re: now that we can see the end coming...

Originally Posted by GregLee View Post
Yes, unfortunately. I don't share your optimism about the near future. I see that Trump's approval ratings among Republicans have gone up since this latest approach toward vicious racism. Trump is not really our problem -- it's our friends and neighbors who voted for him and continue to support him.
A wise observation, GregLee. Liberal snowflakes purposefully ignore when Trump actually does things that BENEFIT the United States. Does it mean people like me like him? No. Does it mean I voted for him? No. But Trump will continue to win until people start realizing that he preserves his base by using his "Art of Deal" (however shady that may be) to produce real results that affect average Americans. Perfect example:

‘Duped,’ ‘tricked’ and ‘snookered’: Oil analysts say Trump fooled Saudis into tanking crude prices

Tom DiChristopher | @tdichristopher
Published 16 Hours Ago Updated 12 Hours Ago

Oil market analysts say it now appears that Trump hoodwinked Saudi Arabia, fooling the U.S. ally into pushing the oil market into oversupply and sparking a roughly 25 percent drop in crude prices. That accomplished Trump’s goal of driving down energy costs for Americans, but left nations dependent on oil income like Saudi Arabia with the prospect of shrinking revenues.

We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans.

— U.S. President Bill Clinton
USA TODAY, page 2A
11 March 1993

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