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I linked to this site from Alohaworld Ohana Lanai too! Isn't that a great place? I live in Hawaii but really enjoy the input from Hawaiians around the world. Glad to see another enthusiast from that site. BTW, they'll be upgrading sometime in June. Looking forward to seeing that. I am a new member and just learning how to navigate in the Lanai. Izzie, Mokihana, etc are great encouragers, too!
Cya there!

Originally Posted by WERUreo
I found this forum mentioned at the Alohaworld Ohana Lanai a few weeks ago. I'm an on again, off again poster over on da Lanai. Started back when they were a Delphi forum and am proud to take at least some credit for putting the idea of vBulletin in Koni's head...

I also sporadically participate in soc.culture.hawaii, but lately haven't been able to do a lot of posting anywhere. Even though this forum is aimed mainly for those still living in Hawai'i (as opposed to Alohaworld, which is dedicated mainly to those from Hawai'i living elsewhere), I hope to participate as much as I can. Never hurts to talk story with people still in da 'aina. \m/ ^_^ \m/
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