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Default Re: Isn't construction actually good?

Originally Posted by Kerry View Post
Yes, construction is good; it's not only good it's wonderful, admirable and necessary. However, in the long run it's not the healthiest profession—it's hard on muscles, joints, backs, etc. Daily it generates physical fatigue (as opposed to a service job). True service generates aliveness and energy to bring home to share with the neighborhood and family. Anyone who masters service is always honored and cared for by the community.
I'm in favor of shifting our dependence on shipping to complete food self-sufficiency. Ideally, to shift Hawaii's economy from tourism to serving retirees (a most perfect award for a lifetime of service). Mo green, yes? Families worldwide would still be touring to visit their retired parents. Not to worry—I don't see it as an idea whose time has come, today.
I'd like to have developers survey everyone in their proposed project's community and get their support for any project; builders/developers would have to present a favorable survey before they submit applications, etc..
With aloha, Kerry
Hawaii has always had everything in it's favor for business and everything you could name. of course it was completely corrupted once Statehood opened the doors for $$$ to overwhelm our little society and the public was immediately ignored except to exploit. the golden rule still applies, those with the gold write the rules.
hemp was the best thing Hawaii could have ever invested in, we'd all be swimming in luxury had they emphasized that gold mine.
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