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Default Re: Is cost of living really why so many move?

Originally Posted by TuNnL View Post

Wow! We’ve truly become a different place.
That's partly why I don't want to go back, because I would be sad to see/feel that my Hawaii is not the same.

Everything changes. I probably can not call myself "Local" now since more than half of my life is on the mainland. I lived in California for 10 year, and even there, things have changed, everything got expensive, traffic is horrible, etc, etc, same story as Hawaii. So my California today is not the same as I remember 15 years ago.

In my old age, I'm beginning to think it's all perspective. If someone moved from Washington DC to Hawaii, they may think traffic is not bad, housing prices is fair, and the weather is awsome. Why pay the same $$$ to live in the frozen cold.

I have a friend that left the mainland for Hawaii 2 years ago. In her opinion, Hawaii is a great place to be compare to the mainland (California).
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