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Default Re: Is cost of living really why so many move?

I just left Hawaii with my family for southern California just recently. The cost of living was not a big concern for us as we live frugally and my spouse and I both have good jobs. The main reasons why we left were as follows:

Schools. I have two young kids and the public schools in Hawaii are horrible. We moved to one of the best school districs in the country and the houses cost roughly the same as what I sold my house for in Hawaii.

Job opportunities. I work in technology and this field has very limited opportunities in Hawaii. My wife had already reached her promotion potential in Hawaii for her job.

Activities. There is so much more to do on the mainland, especially California, and things are much closer via airplane or driving.

Climate. We used to never have to use air conditioning in our house in Hawaii. The last few years have been brutally hot to the point where I'm miserable for months out of the year. California near the coast is very mild.

Friends. Literally 80% of my family and friends in Hawaii have left for the mainland.

Traffic in Hawaii is only getting worse. I don't think the rail will be finished for another ten or fifteen years (despite what they're telling you) or so at the going rate and it probably won't fix the problem anyway.

I loved Hawaii and had many wonderful years enjoying my time here but for us the decision to move was clear.
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