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Default Re: Is cost of living really why so many move?

Originally Posted by terrence k. teruya View Post
Well I am thinking of moving to the mainland too after I retire, well unless I win the governors race. Cost of living is just too expensive, but I hear mainland is cheap but you need to put up with worse issues there like crime , more homeless, of course race issues, and the worst for us local people....SNOW.... I still have time to weigh what I going do but 6 years will fly by, I hope I come up with a decision by then. With our state so greedy and stealing my money I just saying eh nuff already.
I live on the mainland, but I left for other reasons (not the cost of living).

Crime? You can choose the city and neighborhood.
Homeless? You can choose the city and neighborhood.
Snow? You can choose the city/state.

Race issues is something you can not change. I often felt out of place on the mainland. I've been questioned by people on where I'm from? Go back to my country? Am I a U.S. citizen. Am I from here? Refused service. Stared at. And pulled over by police officer because I was the wrong color skin (not white enough). And when I said "I'm from California" is where I last lived, they looked at me like that's not possible. Must be from China. This is 2018, and same for the last 20 years. I'm Chinese-Poly-Haole. Honestly, on the mainland, I don't know "where" I belong. Been gone more than half of my life now. Hawaii IMO, is still home.

If you can get used to that, the mainland is cheap.

I can choose a more diverse city, like San Jose, CA. But houses are like $900K for a 3bd home. Regular house.
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