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Default Re: Is cost of living really why so many move?

I left Hawaii. Now, more than 1/2 of my life has been spent on the mainland. So not sure if I still qualify to have an opinion on this question.

I have a lot of things I know I would never have if I stayed. But when I left, it was NOT about $$$, big house, and stuff.

It was the norm to catch the bus. To work part-time at Liberty House, after our full time job.

My Dad had two jobs, my mom had three. I had two as an young adult. UH Grad, professional field. They saved up, and eventually bought a house. A apartment. It took them about 20 years of saving to be able to get a "real" house.

That was the norm. That was what I know. Life was good - by Hawaii standards. I missed it. There are times, I wish I could go back. Or wonder what my life would be like, today, in Hawaii. I still have friends and keep in contact. But I know what I "missed out" by leaving. We live life forward, so I don't regret leaving.

IMO, some people used the cost of living as an "excuse" on why they are leaving Hawaii. It makes good headline news. For the Zoo Director, that's his exit strategy. It's like when you quit your job, you would never say, the job sucks. Maybe people hate him.
Maybe he was about to be fired. You would always say you left for a "better job opportunity."
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