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Default Re: Is cost of living really why so many move?

Most richies have a home in Hawaii because they like Hawaii, and the status element, but for the average professional it must be frustrating to impossible to make a go of it here for many reasons beyond their chosen focus. But the playing field is evening out to the negative as mainland costs and Gmt. intervention are killing businesses everywhere, and it's only getting worse. Farmers here are being priced out despite Gov. Ige's 'hopes' for self-sustainability. And of course we're still blowing it in regards to the gold mine of hemp production as Maui exits cane, not to mention med MJ and recreational opportunities. Students see the failings and still have to leave home for browner pastures just to envision a family and home ownership, and the aggravation is that it was all avoidable and forced upon us by greed and corruption.
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