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Default Re: Homeless solutions

That's kind of you, 1st, more citizens need to care as much. Too bad it's usually the least deserving that get the benefits of such acts instead of those that need it most. Generally, those seen squatting on sidewalks in tents are truly the lowest of the dregs who will never care to improve substantially/sustainably and always take gross advantage of every opportunity just thinking only of themselves while others who are often much better people and could really use the help miss out because they aren't as readily visible.

Odd and frustrating;
HPD whine endlessly that there aren't laws on the books to allow them to move people off sidewalks and other very public areas, yet they've done just that for years and have done so in every instance around Oahu. At least once a month they roust campers from some place in Honolulu and tell them not to come back, which of course lasts a week at best and then the low life's are back for long stretches before getting chased away again. HPD's endless "we can't" excuse doesn't jive with the fact that they most certainly do, and will continue to do it but only when and where they seem to want to, never everywhere at once. And boy do they hate being questioned about any of this (especially higher ranking officers), but I'll be asking again today.
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