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Default Re: Homeless solutions

Kathryn Xian, whom is running for Congress in Hawaii, say's Mayor Caldwell's latest flailing crackdown on the homeless will fail in the long-run and only succeed in wasting taxpayer dollars with his efforts, which will only succeed in shuffling around and traumatizing the most vulnerable of our society. As a community, we must not generalize a diverse population of homeless persons into one category such as "violent" or "drug-addicted" to further our mean-spirited agendas of pushing them out of sight via incarceration or arrest. With the rate of homeless families with children rising nearly 5%, an appropriate solution depends upon fully funding a Housing First program, creating more affordable housing, and reforming our regressive tax code to alleviate burdens on low-income earners. While I am not surprised with the Mayor's so-called "compassionate disruption," which is really a euphemism to describe a brute police-state enforcement of unconstitutional laws, I am extremely appalled with the reaction of IHS's Connie Mitchell. Her response is characteristic of a detached politician with no real experience of homelessness, nor any valid solutions to alleviate the poverty that creates homelessness. She, the city council, and the mayor are part of the problem not the solution. They are creating the same mistakes that other cities have made before us: fomenting support for abusive but cosmetic policy changes that give them short-term results for political ends, all at the expense of taxpayers. We have the power to oppose these bad policies by voting our conscience this election and donating our money to nonprofits who actually care about the population they claim to help. This is the true definition of "compassionate disruption."
Sounds like somebody has got it right, and she's sounded good on all issues. She's getting my vote.
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