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Default Re: Homeless solutions

Originally Posted by Suzanne View Post
I wonder, since this is a blue state why we don't take better care of people. I mean, we do have a great health care system, so why has no one raised taxes and provided funds to solve the problems of poverty here in Hawaii? It should be a liberal paradise as well.
It really is perplexing that we've become such an embarrassment to the world when true solutions are readily available but the will to do anything viable is totally absent, whine and mime is all our so-called leaders can do. Dem/Rep, it just isn't a priority except when it affects Waikiki and even then they still do nothing but flap their wings. The housing first plan can work for some but the problem is way beyond such attempts, it's a bandage on a burst artery. And then there's the monetary fraud that has already occurred (West side) and stifled much good out there, which is to be expected and yet where was sufficient oversight?
As someone mentioned in the SA's op/eds today, why can't available portable showers and laundry vehicles used only for disaster relief be used to help the worst offenders in these times of social disaster? They don't even put portable toilets around so tourists can relieve themselves and bums don't have to crap all over town, even tho many still will now that it's become the norm.
Chinatown is a trash covered gem being wasted and it's disgusting to watch our city devolve into a dump even as some try to improve the once crime/porno/hooker heavy area and worthy businesses attempt to make it there. It's absolutely stupid and inexcusable.

Caldwell and Abercrombie deserve to be tossed out asap if they continue to refuse these most basic needs.
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