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Default Re: Homeless solutions

Originally Posted by Suzanne View Post
I think there are plenty of people who feel this way but also plenty who don't want to have homeless people around to scare off the tourists or because they don't like seeing them. Either way, there has to be a way to solve this problem nationwide and not just ship them off to another place.
Susi'ana, you are not old enough to remember and most members of HT are not old enough to remember, but matapule remembers. It was President Ronald Reagan and his "compassionate conservatism" that eliminated Federal funding for mental health programs. He said it was the State's responsibility not the national government to take care of the mentally ill......without providing any funding for those programs. Reagan essentially decimated funding for mental health programs and we are reaping the "benefits" today.

Homelessness is a complex problem with varied reasons (not just mental illness) and no easy answers. However, withdrawing funding at the Federal, State, and local level has not provided a solution. If you are a religious person you should ask yourself, what would Jesus, or Yaweh, or Mohammed, or

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