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Default Re: Homeless solutions


Too bad the $ donated would be misdirected and wasted (at best) for the most part, but the sentiment is needed.

While navigating various human debri around ChiTown recently I heard 2 mega bums mention the possibility of The City ever having the basic common sense and deceny of providing portable toilets around the area and (OMG!) maybe even putting in showers at nearby A'ala Park. While some will never care and always corrupt our senses when out and about most road scum would like to take better care of themselves and not live in their communal cesspool. I know I'd like to worry less about poopbombs along the trail.
Another POV was expressed in the Op-Eds this week by a re-visiting couple enjoying their Sunday stroll downtown and eventually having nature call only to discover NOTHING available anywhere, not even the Fort St. McD's (whom BTW will still not be providing restrooms when they finish recon... thanx for nothing!). They stated they'd not be back. Well played City/State jackholes!
Brings me to another point of how the treasure of Down/Chinatown is being absolutely disregarded, ingnored, and being wasted instead of heavily focusing on it ala Bourbon St. in N'Orleans and creating an awesome place to visit repeatedly, it's just STUPID. I'm in awe of the place and equally awed at how it's mostly stagnating when it could really thrive. Shameful.

The issues of homelessness here are mostly an easy fix even if short run costly, but nobody in power wants to actually solve the problems, if they did it would have been done long ago, even in Abe's admin. with his homeless czar. They only squeeze and squeeze the most vulnerable and never access viable alternatives or other improvements. We now have a head of public health (Oshiro) on a campaign against what he admits has never even shown to be a problem and will propose shutting down churches and such from providing meals in public under the guise of caring for public safety. I'd suggest it's pressure from the State Capital to continue efforts of eliminating any and all options the poor have in basic feeding except at Gmt. associated human warehouses where rogue managements corrupt the environments and anything goes except much good. People are suffering and our bigwigs are dumping on everybody but their pals.

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