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Default Re: Homeless solutions

One thing the city could do is something I saw in Atlanta. They have these meters where you can put money into them and they go to the city's homeless or welfare programs. That way you can help them without giving directly to the person (where you might worry that they are going to spend it on booze or drugs).

I know that there is a big homeless problem here, and it is worse than many other cities. However, I do want to say that the homeless here are very mild compared to other big cities that I've visited. They hardly ever beg for money or anything. They mostly just lie around or sit around (sometimes they're saying crazy things). They don't bother me when I walk by. They can be quite aggressive in other cities, not to mention dangerous.

Just sayin', they're not that bad compared to other cities I've been to, at least as far as I can tell. I live here, just moved here in August, but we live downtown so we see them a lot. I'm originally from San Diego. They didn't have many homeless there when we lived there in the 70's, but we've visited a lot since then and I have many relatives there. The homeless there and other cities we've been to like San Francisco, Atlanta, and New York, bother passers-by, including tourists, much more than anyone I've seen here. And those cities are a lot less safe, too.

I don't like the smells or the things I see any more than anyone else, but I also feel a lot of sympathy and sadness for the poor and homeless here. There are a lot of poor people here, and many of them are working poor (and there are working homeless, too). I feel, there but for the grace of god go I. Not every homeless person is a drunk, or drug addict, or crazy, but even so, that's not a good reason to be homeless. When I was growing up, no one even used that word "homeless". There may have been a few "bums" or "hobos" but no one ever knew any. That didn't happen until the 80's. America used to be a better place and took care more of its people.

I come from a poor family, and my dad was an alcoholic. Without his air force pension, he would have been homeless in his later years. I have two brothers that barely make a living and are one step from being homeless. I have other relatives that are very poor and at least one was living in her car for a while. Who knows what might have happened to me, with different choices? So this is why I feel compassion for anyone who is poor or homeless.

I think there are plenty of people who feel this way but also plenty who don't want to have homeless people around to scare off the tourists or because they don't like seeing them. Either way, there has to be a way to solve this problem nationwide and not just ship them off to another place.

Suzanne Lanoue
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