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Default Re: Homeless solutions

Originally Posted by Menehune Man View Post
I was thinking of how there are various 'homes' for different groups of people like runaway children, offenders recently released from jail, battered spouses, etc. Those different categories have one thing in common, they're homeless. Wonder if more programs could be created to take in more homeless along these styles of housing?
Some would require specialized attention beyond merely a safe room, but many could benefit greatly from my simple idea. You have to start with a dignified offer for those in need, then follow up with whatever else. If a viable alternative to squating outdoors is available, then draconian laws may be acceptable in cleaning up the public spaces. But there are no acceptable places for the average single citizen currently.

Originally Posted by Moto View Post
Once you put out the free food, the birds will flock from all over.

wasn't the temporary shelter that Lingle set up on the West side of the Island not completely full with many people still choosing to live on the beaches and parks, with the reason being too much restrictions with living in the shelter?

I would think we would need to stop attacking issues piecemeal and slowly start to attack the source. Homelessness, jobs, personnel finances, etc are all related. Then to do so without allowing a free ride for abusers to any programs.

Instead of building housing for individuals to live for free, build cheap housing for them to afford, so they have ownership, thus the restrictions may be lessened. To qualify, they will need to meet with a financial manager who will look at their income sources and how to budget that income(should not be buying a luxury car when their finances cannot support it, even consider public transportation). If they have no income source, then they will need to be placed into a program to learn or better a current skill that will place them into the workforce. If these individuals have kids, another program should be checking on the kids, to make sure that they are being taken care of and the money that is intended to be allocated for their use is not being spent in other fashion.

And yes I would advocate for Drug testing to stay on this program.
There has to be an x year residency requirement and other restrictions to keep that from happening.

Even the Kakaako shelter is said to have 30 or so spaces usually available. But a culture of outdoor survival has been nurtured over these last decades to where people know they can live in a lowest level existance doing as they please without the restrictions of a shelter. If they can't smoke their ciggies/drink/drug/party/come and go where/when they want to then many will opt for the great outdoors of freedom often without due respect for themselves or others. We will never get all the sane people to agree to even a few rules, but many will, and it's the salvageables that I'm focusing on, whom do deserve the offer and can better everybody concerned with a little free help.

There are already transitional programs, my plan bypasses the hindrances of transitionals which many don't need or are adverse to. It goes straight to the first hand problem... a safe long term home, other issues can be dealt with afterwards if needed. The available shelters already do the financial mgr. aspects for those who want that, but most people will never take on a flunky job so they can then hand over their paltry hard earned cash to a mgr. so they can transition to rental housing that will probably end at some point and then return to the street. I've been there too often with being norbal and paying rent, it doesn't last, you can't truly call it home because it's temporary. I've found various ways around that delima, but most can't and will be subjicated to an endlessly depressing cycle that leads back to the streets.
And, my plan is for singles only, no families, no shacking up, no collective fun, 1 home for 1 person and no visiting another's shelter. This rule helps keep problems under control and riff raff out.

I'd be more for booze testing. Drug testing means if someone smokes a bit of pot then they're left out in the cold. Not helpful. The job market is already greatly diminished for millions because of this aspect.
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