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Default Re: Homeless solutions

What you both don't understand is that a majority of homeless people have mental health issues. I have worked with the homeless both directly and indirectly for the last 45 years. It is not their choice to be homeless, it is their fate. At one time, prior to the compassion-less Reagan administration, we took care of our citizens who did not have the skills to cope with life. Thanks to Ronnie, you received a Federal tax cut by throwing mentally ill people out on the street (homeless) so you could buy a new car.

We can care for our mentally ill again but it is going to cost money, - lots of money. Do we have the will as a nation to care for those who are incapable of surviving on their own? Unfortunately we have evolved into a nation that is self-centered, self-absorbed, and self-gratified. Stop worrying about whether someone is going to come to Hawai'i just to get free services. Start worrying about those who really need help even if someone might abuse that system along the way. Take care of those who are less fortunate than you and karma will take care of you. Where is your Christianity?

I favor cutting the US military budget by 50% and using that money for mental health services and providing for the needy.
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