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Default Re: HawaiiThreads Upgrade

Originally Posted by manoasurfer123 View Post
with all the Excitement and everything with the new HT upgrades...

I would like to personally congrat all HT members for posting more than 100,000 posts to HT...

A toast to you PZ personally for running HT as well as his mods.

Got any info on who might have been the 100,000 post? that person deserves an HT bumper sticker or something.
Maybe we need a counter at the top of this website to indicate where the thread posting count is!

BTW has is anyone experiencing what I am, that I'm constantly being logged off and when I try to relog in, it says welcome craigwatanabe then I go to the page that tells me I need to log in. I have to completely get out of Explorer then re enter onto HT and relog. It's been happening a lot lately for me. Sometimes resetting my cookies help but not in all cases.
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