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Default Re: HawaiiThreads Upgrade

Originally Posted by 1stwahine View Post
But where's the thingy in the corner for reporting abusive postings by members!
We haven't yet activated the new "Infraction System" introduced with the latest version. It would allow easy post-specific flagging for commercial spam, personal attacks, and language, but given our experience with the "Reputation" system, obviously we want to proceed with caution. For the time being, just send me, Mel, or Helen a Private Message.
Originally Posted by Konaguy View Post
Along with an easier way to put people on ignore.
As before, you can still add someone to your "Ignore" list from their profile page, but you can also do it via your User Control Panel. Management of your Buddy List and Ignore List is improved, though, through some of the cool AJAX effects I mentioned earlier. Check it out.
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