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Thanks TuNnL,

Very perceptive. It's definitely self-righteously critical of the education system.

Your use of the word "shameful" is accurate, that I could have a B.A. and an M.A. in speech-communication and still be so ineffective at making a positive difference in my own profession 44+ years as a leadership-relationship communication-skills coach teaching graduates what they failed to learn in schools. As always, it's remain silent or do with what skills I have; except for brief excursions (such as this thread) out into the real world, most of the time I find myself leading from my Lazy-boy.

For decades we educators have voted non-verbally for more of the same, submitting students to a communication model guaranteed to produce 25% of the nation's college freshman to require remedial courses, and worse, teaching teens to deceive both sets of parents so as to have sex.

My long-range goal is to have universities offer and require a 4-yr leadership training for political science, healthcare, and education majors. Care to assist?

Much appreciation, Kerry

P.S. Are you an educator?
P.P.S: Do know if there is a way to turn on editing full-time on ones posts? My "edit" option disappears a few hours after posting.
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