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Default Re: Hawaii's Best Hot Dog

Originally Posted by kaneohegirl
ALL she wanted was to know what was meant by crunchy.... anyone of you who had read the post could have said "oh crunchy means the skin when you bite into it it snaps or crunches... you no have crunchy kines of hot dogs in france?"
I appreciate your boiling this down for us, but I think "any one of you who read the post" is too broad a generalization. I, too, thought this was a weird exchange between 1stWahine and SusieMisajon, but I was as baffled by "crunchy" as Susie was. I was the first in this thread to describe a hot dog as "snapping" when you bit into it, but didn't know that's what 1stWahine meant when she said "crunchy." When it turned into a surreal schoolyard argument, I just checked out.

It is nice of you to try and clear things up; however, please do not condemn us all for not explaining what "crunchy" meant when the meaning was NOT clear to "any one who read the post."
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