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Default Re: Hawaii Superferry

Originally Posted by Aaron S
It seems to me Mel that you brand ANYONE that has a conflicting view on ANY issue a liberal. I have been here long enough to see a pattern here. That is very aggravating too. No one one can have decent discussion with you since everyone but you is wrong or worst yet a liberal.
It seems to me that expecting a "decent discussion" is the problem here. If someone's looking to just spout off, and not open to a conversation, your best strategy is to let it go. It's certainly not worth aggravation... especially on a holiday weekend!

I think the environmental impact of the ferry will be negligible, at least compared to other projects that are undertaken on a near-daily basis. That said, considering the work that will need to be done on shorelines and the increased traffic on our waters, I find it hard to believe that anyone's pretending to be surprisedthat an EIS is being called for. Hell, you practically need an EIS to flush a toilet 'round here.

The EIS process can and has been abused, but it's also an important tool. Much as I want the ferry to happen, I would've hoped they could have spent some of the money they spent on PR on highlighting the minimal environmental impact, or even earth-friendly benefits, of what they're planning to do.

Hell, if Chevron can run ads with cute and happy seals, anything goes.

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