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Default Re: Homeless solutions

Forgot to mention, Sunday at 6pm I swung by IHS (The Ditch) to see how many hungry people would be in line for dinner at exactly the time of the day and month that would have the most in need, as I know of no other group that does Sunday dinner of any degree. Normally there would be a line extending to the street now that most have exhausted their State benefits after 2 weeks, but now with the heartlessly pointless demands IHS has newly imposed there was virtually no line. I guess Ditch management scum can now pilfer even more donated food meant for the needy since very few out of the usual 1000 mouths each day will be getting fed. I've talked to many acquaintances lately and they are sucking shit because they can't get in for a simple single meal without pitching their belongings first.

Today's SA editor's Our View continues misinforming the public with favorable comments on Housing First and systemic shuffling of bodies off to shelters, as tho there will be welcoming arms for any of them when they get there unless they are willing and able to pony up $90 immediately and able to conform to whatever requirements imposed.
And they suggest there is an "expanding list of accommodations" that I'd like to be fully informed of, because if one who has his radar up for these things has no clue what their talking about then few other will either.
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