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Default From the 'as if it didn't suck enuf' Dept.

Today a typical taxpaying friend tells me of his unfortunate circumstances last nite having suddenly found himself on the streets late at nite and in need of emergency shelter only to be denied entry at IHS (Institute For Human Services, what a sick joke!) just before their curfew of 10pm. They told him he needed to register first and pony up $90 for even 1 minute, as they don't do one niters, so he was on his own and out of luck on a rainy nite. This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE, especially as he clearly saw tons of space available on the main floor where he said not even half of the space had people matted out for the nite. Tons of space and no refuge from the storm for my friend and whomever else has discovered this pathetic truth.
For years we've heard of how grand IHS is in their efforts to help the homeless and videos of great meals served (both of which no doubt do ocassionally happen) and such, meanwhile the State is haranguing everybody they can that actually do help people in parks or stress sites without asking questions or requiring anything and trying to force everything thru IHS who get's tons of State/taxpayer $$$ and $12.50 for every (supposedly) SQUARE MEAL served, probably a thousand a day. The uninformed public constantly decries the visual human blight with exclamations of how those on the streets often just won't go to the shelters provided, well now we know that they can't unless they got $90 first and foremost, or I think $60 at the Kakaako shelter, and that one you need way more time to even qualify.
Somebody needs to investigate this total BS and get to the bottom of why the powers are in cahoots with IHS to scam the public and provide a major disservice to the community, to say the very least. Meanwhile they go on about how the new millions are going towards only helping 120 of the worst cases out there instead of doing anything that actually makes a difference.
Those that are in charge of doing, are doing nothing but scamming the community. Beyond pathetic!
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