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Default Re: TV Cabling Question

Originally Posted by cezanne View Post
The HDTV box outputs 1080i, so it wouldn't make a difference. If you have Blu-ray which outputs 1080p then it would make sense to use the HDMI cable (between the player and the HDTV).
I thought you can't connect Blu-ray to your HDTV via anything besides HDMI?

Nevertheless, I received this comment in another forum regarding this question: link

"HDMI has the reputation of giving the best quality picture. Assuming you have a modern digital type display and digital cable, it should in theory give a better picture, because it saves you a step of digital-analog-digital conversion. Also, the signal over HDMI can be protected by HDCP, so there might in the future be some programs you can view that are not watchable over a component connection."
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