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Default Re: Thinking About Hawai'i

On our flight to Honolulu we sat near a recruiting coach from a Pac 10 university who was en route to the Pacific region to recruit football players for his school--a dream job to be sure. But it brings up what must be one of the most interesting transitions people from small communities like relatively isolated islands must face--going to work in a large mainland city. A lady that works at the local bank is from Samoa--what a huge transition she has dealt with! I knew a Hawaiian lad who lived in Seattle and loved it. A part Tongan man has a health related business here. The neighbor we talked with in rural Maui has a relative who is Samoan and played professional football, including in New York City--what a huge transition for him! From a small, warm, tropical island village to the freezing gargantuan NYC! I have often thought that these people would have very interesting stories to tell. It would make a great topic for a movie.
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