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Default Re: New Establishments

From the Disappearing Establishments thread...

Originally Posted by AbsolutChaos View Post
To replace the TGI Friday's location in Waikiki: some kind of Hawaiian steakhouse (formerly Buzz's Steakhouse)
So the other day I snapped a photo of the place...

Vit's Hawaiian Steak House - Formerly Buzz's Steak & Lobster

It looks like that might say "Wit's", but it's "Vit's", under the owner's name, Vit Udom.

Upon further research, come to find out this was the former Buzz's Steak & Lobster on Saratoga Rd. where the new Trump Tower is under construction. These folks aren't affiliated with the Buzz's Steakhouse near Lanikai in Kailua and in Pearl City.

This is located on the ground floor of the Maile Sky Court Hotel on Kuhio Ave. in Waikiki (Ewa end).

If you look inside, it appears they retained the Stained Glass Chandeliers from TGI Friday's. On the outside, they replaced TGI's red and white striped awning with a thatched bamboo material for a more tropical look.

Anyone know what's happening with the TGI Friday's vacancy near the Blaisdell Center on King and Ward? Anything happening there yet? (that's off my beaten path)
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