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Default Re: New Establishments

I have photos, but not where I am right now, so later.

Leashlaw's write-up is great, especially the description of the interior, but I disagree with a few things, and here's why.

It looks like the signature draw is going to be what Leashlaw described above but did not order: at least four catches of the day and four options for preparation. You choose your fish, you choose your preparation, and you plunk down your 12 to 16 dollars. For my fish, I ordered the ahi, and for the preparation, I went with the saute, which was in a wine-butter sauce. The portion was reasonable for the price (two medium-sized cuts of ahi). It came with rice (brown rice not an option) and cole slaw. I found the cole slaw to be positively yummy. The cabbage was shredded roughly (not pulverized like at KFC), but the carrots were grated finely. I can't explain why, but this is exactly the way I always wished cole slaw was made. I want big, crunchy strips of cabbage and tiny flecks of carrot, and that's what I got. For the first time in my life!

The fish was delicious; about what you can usually expect of the catch-of-the-day at Nico's. I do not like fish very much, but I love Nico's because of how fresh everything is. So for quality of fish, I'll call it a draw. You pay a little more for what you get at Uncle's, but you also get more fish. My total, with a soft drink from the soda fountain, was $16.02.

I do think Nico's will suffer a slight loss in business. If I were a tourist looking for a memorable dining experience, I'd have looked at both places and chosen Uncle's. This is assuming I didn't read any of the reviews, and I seldom do. $15 for lunch is about what I expect to pay anyway, and I want to sit down with friends somewhere cool and nice, and the interior of Uncle's is very, very inviting. As a devoted (two or three times per week) fan of Nico's, this is totally fine with me!

I flirted (I mean, I spoke) with the cutie who rung my bell (I mean, rung up my order) and she said they were still playing around with business hours. If Uncle's stays open past 6 (currently, I think they're open until 8), it will occasionally get my business where Nico's wouldn't, just because I often eat late.

The food was good. I liked the atmosphere. The service was decent. I'll definitely go there again when Nico's is closed.
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