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Default Re: What's for Dinner - Chapter 2

Originally Posted by SusieMisajon View Post
We had greenbeans cooked with butter, garlic, shallots and parsley. Potatoes fried in duck fat with onions. And maigret de canard. That's a whole breast of fattened, force-fed duck (the liver of the same duck is called fois gras), the kind with a half-inch layer of fat under the skin. It's cooked fat-side first, with a bit of salt, untill the fat almost melts and the skin is crispy. Then you turn it over in the pan and cook it just a tad's eaten rare, sliced thin. ......
Yaeh, yeah...I know...cook poultry well to avoid bird flu. All that I have to say is that I will miss eating maigret during the pandemic. I will miss the drips of rare duckjuice running down my chin.
May I visit you sometime when you're having the duck? France is a long way to go...
Duck is something we eat from time to time, but lots of people I know are sqeamish about it. (I don't mean the Chinese duck, either.) In Chicago, they have now banned fois gras - had you heard about that? They say it's unhealthy. Since my one grandmother was from eastern Europe, we ate a lot of duck, goose, and liver pate when I was growing up. And I love crispy duck skin! (Chinese style, too!)