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Originally Posted by Pomai View Post
It would be funny to see a buffet restaurant charge people by their body weight (and actually use a scale to check!): 0-100 lbs. - $10/person; 101-150 lbs. - $15/person; 150-200 lbs. - $20, 201 lbs. and above - $30.
When I was a kid there was a restaurant called "The Big Yellow House" (or something like that, I think it was a chain) that charged kids by weight. You had to step on a one of those old giant scales like at the carnival where they guess your weight. Instead of actual weight, the pointer would indicate the price you were charged for your meal.

I don't remember anything about the food, just the scale. I guess I'm still somewhat traumatized by the shame of always "topping out" on the kids' menu price!
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