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Originally Posted by sophielynette View Post
Weight isn't always an indicator of appetite. I've seen some scrawny guys with bottomless stomachs! Isn't the winner of a hot dog eating contest always some skinny Asian guy?
Good point.

The "skinny asian guy" you're referring to is Takeru Kobayashi, who won Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest for 6 consecutive years straight; his latest and greatest achievement by eating 53 hot dogs in 12 minutes. Insane! His record was beaten only last year when Joey Chestnut ate 66 hot dogs; Joey himself not being much of a big guy, either.

Then there's "skinny asian gal/gigantic eater" Sonya Thomas.

But those are professional competitive eaters who are experts at mind-over-matter. I would think (or hope!) if they were just dining out casually, they eat "normal" quantities, and aren't at the local buffet wolfing down 60 Shrimp Tempura in 12 minutes. lol
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