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Default Re: The Iraq War - Chapter 5

Originally Posted by Miulang View Post
If that's true (and I haven't seen any reports that that is what happened). then there would have been only relatives of 148 Iraqis present. Absent were the relatives of the 100,000+ Kurds who were also massacred by Saddam.

I really really fear for the safety of our troops now, and also for the safety of innocent Iraqi civilians...both Shia and Sunni...who will now become more numbers in the death toll.

I read that earlier before the execution actually happened so who knows if things got changed last minute. At this point, it's better to have a few witnesses to confirm the execution but not too many to add fuel to the fire that's become daily life there.

Whether there was an execution or not, our troops have been in harm's way for the last several years. Doing it now right before the holidays could be strategic, it could damper the reprisals. I don't see how locking him away would do anybody any good, every time he had a chance to speak in court, all he did was speak of inciting further rebellion.
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