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Default Re: 99 Ranch Market closing doors

How are the prices at 99 Ranch compared to say..Safeway or Foodland?
Just curious because here in the LA area alot of stuff, like Chicken and especially fish are WAY cheaper at 99 Ranch than Vons (which is owned by Safeway) and Ralphs which are the main supermarkets here.

My fiancee is schlepping all the way to her old neighborhood in Arcadia to but stuff for X Mas dinner because the prices are so much cheaper, and of course they don't have the Asian stuff at the American markets here where we live.

She always complains to me that stuff is so much cheaper at 99 Ranch when we're in VONS(Safeway) , and I was just wondering if that's the case in Hawaii too, because I know pricing is whole different ball of wax there.

Makes me wonder why the Asian markets seem to be cheaper for certain stuff. The non Asian folks here are starting to catch on and are shopping in 99 Ranch more for their fish and meats, obviousy because of the price difference.
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