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Default Re: Wal-Mart: Chapter 3

I can't imagine anything very much different from the WalMarts anywhere, so I wouldn't be impressed by the hoopla at all.

The differences in news reporting from one daily rag to another is the reason why you cannot rely on one newspaper for your information gathering. In my Political Science class at the UH our professor said, "The government that controls the media, controls the people". In our case, our news media biases the facts that we must base our opinions on so it's best to get your information from more than one source.

To some Hawaiians it seems this particular WalMart is a good thing. To others, well we know about that. As for the blessing, I don't think that'll work because I've been to workplace blessings in Kakaako and the hauntings continued. That was at the Gas Company's Kakaako location. I got some ghost stories and have witnessed some of them first hand.

We've had several blessings over the 22 years I worked there and none have worked. We even had one worker die after chopping down a kukui nut tree on the corner without asking permission from the tree! Two kahuna's tried to rid him of the spirits that had made him sick enough to be admitted to Queen's Hospital, both of them ran out of his room in a panic, real spooky stuff. He eventually died with no apparent cause of death.

The stories go on and I've been there to witness them too.

I wonder what stories will come up with this new WalMart store.
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