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Default Re: Boot Camp: Macs do Windows, Too

If Squishie hadn't moved forward with development of Windoze, I think Mac would have a much wider market penetration than it does today. DOS was the bane of most fat-fingered PC users like me and when Windows arrived (and after having experienced the Apple version of GUI), it was more like a godsend: "Oooh, now I can just point and click at a picture to get somewhere instead of doing that stupid DOS command stuff."

Today I can use UNIX commands when required to, but my own personal preference is to just be able to point and click. I'm not a code cruncher or a true purist geek. To me the computer (whether it be Mac or PC) is a tool to help me do something, nothing more, nothing less. Each has a space in the electronic world, and thank god we have that choice!

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