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Default Re: Boot Camp: Macs do Windows, Too

I'm wary of the same. Lots of people figure the math goes like this: Mac OSX plus Microsoft Windows equals Microsoft Windows.

In addition to the basic corporate survival side, the jury's still out on whether easy one-device side-by-side comparisons of the operating systems will help or hurt Apple. As a fan of OSX, I'd like to think most Windows users trying OSX for the first time will like it... but I can see folks just as easily going, "Ooh, pretty... but nothing special," and write it off for good.

Even though for many technological reasons, a good case can be made for the value of OSX, a lot of people shop on the basis of, "Oooh, pretty" -- both for and against the trait, mind you. People love the iPod for its industrial design and interface, and people hate it for those very same reasons!
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