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Default Re: Helen @ wharf for vehicle arrival

helen: "As far as the cost and time of shipping a car interisland via Young Bros, there is the issue of getting one picked by the docks after you drop off your car to be shipped and picking it up when it gets at the destination.

At least with the Superferry you and the car travel at the same time."
With Superferry won't you, or someone you assign (minus their own vehicle to get to the wharf, or at least such an assignee dropped off or accompanied by an additional driver) for the task, have to be at the wharf at the exact moment it is time to offload your vehicle? Will it be worth 3 or 4 hours of your time to babysit your vehicle across a channel if you yourself could fly across for the same price, within minus $1 or 2 to plus $8 to 10 of the price of the passenger water ferry fare?

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