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Default Re: Ban New Years fireworks?

I voted that everyone should be allowed to use fireworks because there's no "undecided" option. I'm really undecided.

I hate the trash and noise associated with fireworks, but the state has laws about noise and trash, so if HPD chooses not to enforce them on holidays, the beauty and peace of everyone's neigborhoods will suffer.

The possibility of fires and injury is scary. So called safe fireworks make no difference - I had a firecracker go off in my hands when I was 15, while I was being supervised by my whole family one 4th of July. When I was 27 I got hit in the face with a bottle rocket in Mexico. I'm still not sure if that was one of the ones I was lighting, or one from down the beach. Thankfully I had no serious injuries from either incident, but what if I had to live with one less thumb or eye?! I don't light fireworks anymore!

Still, though, I LOVE to watch fireworks, especially the really big sparkly ones. At home here the neighborhood has been festive with fireworks, and whenever I hear one that sounds like it might be pretty, I run outside to watch.

Sidenote - as a kid we always had to spend part of the day afterward cleaning the yard until every trace of fireworks was picked up. And my old roommate from Hollywood would always spend "fireworks holidays" with the fire extinguisher in one hand and his cellphone to CHP in the other. A bit extreme...

PS - Hey Auntie!! I'll be in the area, and we're stopping by for a hug tonight!! Are you allowed to hug civillians while on duty?
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