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Default Re: Hawaii Superferry - Chapter 7

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It boils down to sustainability. As it stands now there is glut of jobs on most of the islands. But they are all in unsustainable industries.

We need to clean up our business climate here to attract more sustainable industries. Currently it seems investors need to confer with tree huggers
before they invest a dime here.
Amen to that.

I asked decades ago;

Where is the world class convention center??? Took until what 1993? and the dummies put it outside Waikiki so tourists need transportation.

Where is the Cruise industry. I wondered that way before NCL. Hawaii should be one of the premier cruise destinations in the world and yet nothing happened until recent.

Where is the public fish markets? Finally Oahu has one.

Where is the world class aquariums? This is Hawaii! Waikiki is nice but not world class.

Where is the space port? Hawaiis location near the equator gives rockets an extra boost into orbit and the ocean provides a safety zone.

Where is the high tech and bio tech? Clean, green and high pay?

Where is the Hawaii Peace center? Similar to the East West Center but dedicated to getting leaders of waring nations to meet. Like Camp David in Hawaii. How could anyone continue to plot wars when meeting on some beach front estate in Hawaii.

I could go on and on.