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Default Re: Hawaii Superferry - Chapter 7

Originally Posted by kamuelakea View Post
I don't think the majority of Superferry supporters or Hawaii residents want that either. But stopping this boat is a waste of your good energy.

Stop the upzoning of ag land to houses. Stop residential and commercial development. Work with the council and the state. Be ready to fight your cousins cousins who stand to get rich of off the development by selling their land to developers. Be ready to accept that home prices will rise even further than they have been in the past. Be ready to accept that job opportunities will continue to be limited.

I am serious. This is not sarcasm. There are much better ways to stop the other islands from becoming another Oahu. I definitely support that. But people have to be willing to fight and suffer. Molokai is the only half successful model. It has not been easy for them and the fight never ends.

Very good points.