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I hope can become a friendly, thriving, colorful online community for Hawaii. So I'm trying to spread the word, without being too annoying. I'm at least partially succeeding.

I've invited some good friends, I've posted to USENET, I've added links from "sister sites." To reach a bit wider, I'm also running ads in the Honolulu Weekly, Downtown Planet, and in Ka Leo at UH this week. There's even a tiny Google ad for certain web searches.

I'm curious about how people find their way here... and perhaps what they hope to get from the site. So, a quick poll, and click 'Reply' to add your thoughts! If you got here from a newspaper ad, I'd especially like to know which one, and perhaps what got you to sit down at your PC and type in our URL. (I'm always curious about how "real world" methods translate online.)
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